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New products!

Thanks to our partnership with trainers and consultants who are experts in their professional field from the Caribbean, Europe and the World, we are pleased to launch our new range of professional training and seminars in English* on our digital or face-to-face Campus.

  • Sessions of one to five days per module
  • Themes specific to the company and the challenges of the modern world
  • In group or individual coaching. 
  • Inter or intra company 
  • An à la carte course based on skills modules
  • On site or by video training
  • Personalized support
  • A professional community forum

The speakers will adapt to the level of English comprehension of the participants.


Building your training

Boost your skills

Expand your network


*Some seminars and trainings can be given in French. Please contact us!

Our trainings and seminars

  • Management
    • Individual coaching in Management
    • Strategic management
    • Conflict management for managers course overview
    • Keys toward building a learning organization (Module 1)
    • Keys toward building a learning organization (Module 2)
    • Sourcing global talent for your business
    • Cultural awareness
    • Working with your countries diaspora: a solid investment
    • How to manage a tender
    • Digital Management


  • Business in the Caribbean
    • Doing business in the Caribbean - the organisations in the Caribbean
    • International Law in the Caribbean
    • The medical sector in the Caribbean
    • Facilitating opportunities in the Caribbean


  • Marketing
    • International Marketing
    • Purchasing marketing


  • International Trade
    • New export regulations
    • Logistics
    • Incoterms
    • Purchasing management
    • Maritime Français programme
    • Shipping transport
    • Transport management


  • Others
    • Business and Climate change adaptation
    • Community Manager (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter ...)