Blended Learning

The "Blended-Learning" formula, also called blended learning, combines ELearning (or e-learning: e-learning platform, mobile learning, courses via the Internet) with classic "face-to-face" or "distance face-to-face" learning.

This mode of learning provides the learner with great flexibility and allows him to use a high-performance tool anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

After a positioning test, we propose to you:

We will define together the platform and/or application best suited to your learning with unlimited access. These intuitive and engaging tools are designed in partnership with professionals.

Depending on the platform, you will have a dynamic, interactive, fun and customizable learning interface including :

  • Hours of training, and review of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Training exercises for written and oral comprehension with corrections.
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and language skills learning and review sheets
  • Mock exams to be carried out under the real conditions of the official tests and their correction
  • Individualized work schedules
  • Monitoring progress
  • A history of working sessions
  • Access to videos and information sites
  • A community space to participate in forums and to access a wide range of regularly updated content.
  • A tool to justify your training hours


Platforms and applications are compatible with the following media: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone (Windows and Apple)

Training location and schedule

Training locations and schedules are defined in consultation with the parties.


Your training can be validated by independent certificates recognized by the socio-economic world (TOEIC, Toeic Bridge, Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced Certificate, LinguaSkill -formerly BULATS-, DELE or DIE in Spanish, TFI, TCF, DELF/DALF in French, HSK in Chinese, WIDAF in German or DCL - German, English, Arabic, Breton, Chinese, Spanish, French as a foreign language, French as a first level professional, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian-), some of which RLC is approved for.