Distance learning

Since the COVID-19 crisis and following a deep reflection to adapt our learning methods to current developments, we have developed our range of distance learning courses eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account) and the new FNE Formation renforcé scheme (State financing of training for employees in partial activity).

Aimed at companies but also at job seekers and students, the 100% distance learning courses we offer come in four forms:

  • Conversation classes with unique access to an e-learning platform
  • Blended Learning (Elearning + Tutoring - face-to-face or face-to-face distance learning)
  • Digital Learning (training on a language application)
  • Visio training (training led by a professional on a communicative platform)

Our Commitment to our customers is based on 4 key criteria:

  • PERFORMANCE: putting technology at the service of training
  • QUALITY: organizing virtual classes with a limited number of participants to guarantee quality teaching.
  • FLEXIBILITY: giving everyone the opportunity to train from the place of their choice (living room, office, terrace, etc...) at times that can be modified.
  • ADAPTABILITY: allowing customers to choose and combine the formulas that best suit them.



Guarantee the continuity of quality training while putting people at the heart of the system.