The VisioFormation is a distance training via a real-time collaborative platform, which puts an expert trainer in contact with one or more learners. Whether in individual lessons, virtual classes (groups of 10 people maximum), tutored self-study or coaching, these sequential immersion courses are totally personalized and guarantee a homogeneous pedagogy and the proper follow-up of the language learning process over several months.



Visio formation - Language training

All of our training courses can be followed by video-training with native speakers or training professionals. Flexible and versatile, they are also declined in business skills to master a language in a given professional context.

Visio formation - Trainings/seminars

New! RLC offers seminars and training courses in English by international expert consultants in areas of expertise adapted to the development and performance of a company or to the personal development of each individual.



The training starts with a level evaluation audit followed by a progress evaluation audit during the training course which allows for readjustments or possible reorientations. A positioning assessment closes the training.



All the data is accessible online by managers so that they can follow the training of their employees. For managers and HR Directors, an administrative and organizational platform of training paths is available with attendance sheets, electronic signatures, etc...


Consult the catalogue of online training courses available online.