Specialist language training

Specialized Language Training

You are a professional in the banking, hotel, tourism, air transport, medical sector, media etc...or a private individual and you simply wish to complement your language training with a language improvement in a specific field.

We offer you intensive or semi-intensive specialty training to enable you to acquire the vocabulary and expressions necessary in a sector of activity and to better understand and express yourself with your clients, partners and/or colleagues.

Specialist language training is available in groups or individually, in person or by distance learning.

Business Languages

  • English/Business Spanish Beginner level
  • Business English Intermediate Level
  • Business English Advanced Level

Hotels and Restaurants

  • English for the hotel industry: the welcome
  • Hotel English: technical staff and chambermaids
  • Restaurant English


  • Air English: ground staff
  • Air English: Aircrew
  • Maritime English
  • English for freight forwarders


  • Travel English
  • English for tourism: travel agency staff/ reception staff
  • English for Tourism: Tourist Office Staff
  • English for Tourism: Guide
  • English for Tourism: Booking and Sales Staff
  • English for taxi drivers
  • English for private drivers


  • Medical English Beginner Level
  • Medical English Intermediate Level
  • Medical English Advanced Level

Other professions

  • Accounting and financial English
  • English for construction and road works
  • English for Business (Label " We speak English ")
  • English for wholesalers and market gardeners

All these training courses can be given in other languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Creole).

They are available in group or individual, face-to-face or remote.

Training Location and Schedule

Specialist language training in groups

Location of the training: the group language training can be attended in person or in "face-to-face distance learning" (video training, telephone training (skype/ WhatsApp, ...).

  • Presential training will take place in your company or in our premises for intra-company training or in our premises or an area equipped for inter-company training or for individuals.


  • For the remote face-to-face training a login email and the modalities will be sent to you before the start of the training.

Dates and times: The Specialist Language Training is an intensive 30-hour training course. The schedule is sent to you before the course starts.

The groups are made up of 2 or more participants depending on the course.

Individual specialist language training

Location of the training: individual language training can be followed face-to-face (one to one), in "face-to-face distance learning" (video or video training, telephone training (skype/ WhatsApp, ...). If it is face-to-face face-to-face, the training will take place at our premises or at your company in a space equipped for training.

Dates and times: the training calendar is organised in consultation with you according to your availability. The training can be intensive (more than 10 hours/week), semi-intensive (4 to 8 hours per week) or extensive (2 hours per week). The calendar is sent to you before the start of the training.

ELearning Platform 

In addition to the group training, if you wish individually, you can choose one of our self-training tools on an E-learning or Mobile Learning platform (application adapted to your learning) on which you will work independently .



Your training can be validated by the independent certificates recognised by the socio-economic world, some of which RLC is accredited for, namely TOEIC, Toeic Bridge, Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced Certificate, LinguaSkill (formerly BULATS), DELE or DIE in Spanish, TFI, TCF, DELF/DALF in French, HSK in Chinese, WIDAF in German or DCL (German, English, Arabic, Breton, Chinese, Spanish, French as a foreign language, French as a first level professional, Italian, Occitan, Portuguese, Russian).

Training eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account)