TOEIC Bridge Long Course


Prepare and take TOEIC Bridge, the world-renowned test that certifies written and oral comprehension skills in English.




  • Prepare and take TOEIC Bridge, the world-renowned test that certifies written and oral comprehension skills in English used in a professional context for beginner to intermediate levels.
  • Acquire the basics necessary to understand and express oneself simply with a native speaker of the language
  • Obtain a minimum of 100/190 points on the TOEIC Bridge test.

Programme in a nutshell

  • Learning of professional and general vocabulary in real situations
  • Topics covered :
    • (e.g., general business and living activities, business, travel, meals, recreation, health)
    • Knowing how to understand the description of photos
    • Understand simple professional texts (text, email, briefing notes, etc...)
    • Understand audio documents (dialogues, announcements, weather report, etc...)
    • Acquisition of grammatical knowledge (main tenses, irregular verbs, modals, determiners, word order, etc.)
    • Time Management in Review

E-learning platform

You will have access to an online platform with more than 100 hours of exercises on language skills (writing, speaking, listening, reading) for learning English, tests in real exam conditions as well as grammar, vocabulary and language function sheets.

Teaching aid

  • Official TOEIC Bridge Guide
  • Online Exercises
  • Educational books on the TOEIC Bridge
  • General and professional glossaries
  • Grammar books
  • 4 mock tests


The training is given by certified and qualified English trainers with significant experience in vocational training and a good knowledge of the TOEIC Bridge.

Training follow-up

Subscribing to the paid version of a special TOEIC language application after training


From July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 - Possibility to start at any time once a group of 5 participants has been formed

Terms of payment

Possibility to pay by installments - Cash, cheque, bank transfer or online payment


Further information


Beginner level A1/Pre-intermediate A2




141,5 heures:
60 heures soit 4 mois
80 heures d'accès à une plateforme E-learning
1,5 heures de test TOEIC BRIDGE


In person at RLC (Jarry) or remotely via an online communication platform.


TOEIC Bridge


Immediate / CPF Eligible Training / Open Training from 5 participants - 10 participants maximum - Available in individual training (contact us)


1900€ TTC

Required material

PC, laptop or tablet + a good Internet connection / smartphone for the application